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  • Eligibility

    In order to qualify for Credit On Demand you must fulfill only three requirements.
    You must be 18 years or older.
    You must possess a positive credit history.
    You must be a legal United States resident residing for 5+ years.


    The loan amount you can take upto $1000 to $25000. The minimum repayment time is 90 days. Before 90 days we cannot accept payment in full. Maximum repayment time period is as per your loan and the requirements of customers.

  • APR

    The APR is the annual percentage rate for a loan is 7.99% to 32.99% and represents the loan cost as related to the repayment timing and the amount of loan taken out.


    Example of a Personal Loan APR Range.


    Amount Period ARP Monthly Total Paid
    $2,000 12 mo 24% $189.12 $2,269.44
    $4,000 24 mo 12% $188.29 $4,518.96
    $6,000 36 mo 12% $199.29 $7,174.29
  • 24 X 7

    You can likewise get to Instant lender on all gadgets, so whether you're applying on a Desktop PC, Tablet or Portable device. We make use of 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt your data, so you do not have to worry about your safety as you use our website.

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