Below you'll be able to realize some common answers to queries we have a tendency to get each day. If you are doing not see a solution to your question here you'll be able to continuously decision our toll free number or email client service. lot's of queries and answers are often found on our dedicated listing page.

  • Who are the lenders?

    instantcashpot.com isn't an investor, we tend to don't build loans and that we don't build credit choices. Instead, we tend to conceive to match you with collaborating lenders US agency supply loans. The lenders offers unsecured or secured personal loans, together with motor vehicle loans, loans when bankruptcy, medical loans, vacation loans, motorbike loans, and loans for different desires. supportedsure criteria and on the knowledge you offer, we tend to could direct you to differing types of collaborating lenders together with peer-to-peer lenders banks, and personal loan firms.

  • How do I pay back my loan?

    Few of, but not all, , lenders will came upon automatic loan payments for you. These payments would return directly from your checking account. The advantage of associate automatic payment arrangement is that, as long because the cash to hide the payment is in your checking account, your payment are created whether or not or not you bear in mind to form it, which can facilitate to stay you from defaulting and from acquisition late payment fees, betting on the terms and conditions established by your investor.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply for a brief term loan with instantcashpot.com, all you have got to try to fill out our short application.The only information we will ask you to provide is the information our network of lenders needs to make a decision. The applying solely takes a couple of minutes to fill out, and once it's completed, it'll be forwarded to our network of quite three hundred lenders for review.you'll then begin to receive offers for loans, and if you're inquisitive about one amongst these offers, you'll be able to visit the lender's web site to browse the terms related to it. once you have got in agreement to the terms, you'll be asked to supply AN electronic signature. Finally, your funds are deposited into your checking account on consecutive business day.


    The APR is the annual percentage rate for a loan is 7.99% to 32.99% and represents the loan cost as related to the repayment timing and the amount of loan taken out. Though the APR for short term loans is higher than traditional loan APRs it is still less than interest rates charged for bounced. The loan amount you can take upto $1000 to $25000. The minimum repayment time is 90 days. Before 90 days we cannot accept payment in full. Maximum repayment time period is as per your loan and the requirements of customers.

  • How are lenders matched?

    You are matched to taking part lender(s) supported the info you offer. Some lenders might answer your inquiry primarily based partly on your credit score, your financial gain, your location, and different factors. once you ar matched to a loaner, you not indebted to require a loan supply. Being matched to a loaner doesn't guarantee that the loaner can give you a loan. we have a tendency to don't management however lenders set rates and can't guarantee that the charge per unit for your loan are going to be a perform of your credit score.

  • Can I apply for a loan?

    In order to qualify for Credit On Demand you must fulfill only three requirements

    You must be 18 years or older

    You must possess a positive credit history

    You must be a legal United States resident residing for 5+ years

  • What happens if I already have an outstanding loan?

    A borrower is only eligible to have one running loan. You can apply for a higher amount when you apply next time.

  • How much money can I borrow?

    You can choose any amount that we are currently providing - $1000-$25000

  • Is there a time limit to apply for a loan?

    There is no time limit. You can apply 24/7.

  • Do you use any kind of software for staff scheduling?

    Yes, we use Fresh Shifts for our staff scheduling software. We can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Is there a time limit to apply for a loan?

    Once you get approved we will forward your application to the lender which you can give the money to you.

    Typically after your application approved, Lender will transfer the money instantly.

  • What are some of the reasons why my application hasn't gone through?

    The information that is provided in the loan application, if it does not match with the credit agency database can cause the application to not qualify. When this happens, contact credit agencies like Experian or Call Credit, to enquire on your credit file and for any rectification if necessary.

  • When and how much money should I pay back?

    You need to pay back when your loan matures. You get to choose your loan amount and duration from the application form. However if you have an accentuating circumstance where you believe you cannot repay the loan on time, you can setup a payment arrangement in installment to pay off your debt.

  • What happens if I fail to pay once 30 days have passed?

    Please view the Terms and Condition of our agreement copy. Missed payment and default charges after failure of payment on due date will be applied along with daily late payment interest. Once you cross the maturity period and your loan is not fully repaid, we will pass on the information to our assigned Debt Recovery Company where you will incur additional legal and collection charges.

  • Unfortunately, my payment has bounced. What now?

    If your payment has bounced, you will start receiving e-mails from us asking you to get in touch with us. Even if these have not arrived yet and you notice the bounced payment in your web banking, you should call us right away. Failure to contact us in a timely fashion will probaby result in extra NSF charges for you (which can be as high as $60 per failed payment). Once we talk to you we can adjust our system not to attempt a payment until an agreed upon date when the money will be in your account.

  • What is the main reason that customers get rejected for a loan?

    We have listed a number of reasons why customers get rejected for Instant lender loan. They are as follows:

    a) An existing application is being processed with your details. If this is the case and if you have not heard from us then typically we tried contacting you but you were unreachable.

    b) An existing outstanding loan that remains unpaid.

    Special Note: If you have an outstanding unpaid loan your credit report will display "Payment default" that will have an adverse effect on your credit report. If you have any further queries you can contact our customer care team. You can also get in touch with the credit agency to request a copy of credit score file.

  • How long will it take before I can borrow again after one repayment?

    The moment we get a confirmation of your full repayment of your previous loan you will be eligible to apply for a new loan immediately.